Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So kiss a little longer...hug a little longer...

I've got the goddamned Big Red theme song/diddy stuck in my head. It's been there for going on 12 hours now. I've YouTubed so many versions of the old commercials trying to excise it. Hell, I even watched that clip from that one Ben Foster movie where he ends up singing it to his entire High School for reasons that I don't remember. Still, the song's stuck in my head. It's Verizon's fault of course, for 'aping' the song for their commercials (which is LAME, btw...) which I heard last night and then started thinking about the original song, and then BOOM! Here we are.

It remnided me though of a girl who was a little older than me in school. Her name was Beth. Pretty sure she's a lesbian. If not, odds are good she's single, because unless she went through "Extreme Makeover - Dyke Edition" after High School, I can't imagine any guy wanting to date her seriously because they'd just be thinking to themselves the whole time "She's gonna leave me for another chick"...also, Beth wasn't exactly the prettiest girl in the world. And by that, I mean she was ugly.

Anyway, the correllation here is that back in elementary school, Beth was also in Junior Theater with me. Anyway, she was making this HUGE deal about how she got a solo in the (then) upcoming school Christmas Pageant. Like, she just kept going on and on (while you chew it...Damn It! SEE!?!?) about this damn solo. So then the day of the pageant dress rehersal, I'm sitting on the bleachers, watching all the other classes perform, and Beth's class comes out, and they start singing some stupid song that I've never heard again that's about a recipe for...something Christmas-y I think. Well then Beth's "Solo" was stepping out of the chorus and singing "Cinnamon, cinnamon, don't forget the cinnamon..." and then stepping back into the chorus. Most OVERBLOWN bit of self promotion I think I've seen until Heidi Montag debuted on the world stage...seriously. I had to listen to this ugly girl go on and on at Junior Theater to everyone there about her big upcoming solo, and it was a line about fucking cinnamon.

Anyway, you can see how the two are related, since they both involve cinnamon...yeah, that's how my brain works...

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