Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If I were writing "Red Lanterns" for DC Comics...

this is totally what I would do...

See that absolutely adorable cat up there? That's Dex-Starr as drawn by DC artist extraordinaire Shane Davis (who is cute, but not nearly as hot as having a name like "Shane Davis" would lead you to believe...), and he's a cat. Not an alien that looks like a cat, he's a real live, honest to God cat (well...a real live in the comics Cat...). He also happens to be a vicious member of the Red Lantern Corps that vomits lava blood on his enemies. Don't hold that against him though, he's a good kitty.

Anyway, The Red Lantern Corps is getting their own series in September (you all MAY have heard something about this DC Comic relaunch thing?) and I don't know about writer Peter Milligan, but this is soooooo totally what I think needs to happen in this book.

Sometime in the first issue, you need to have Atrocicus (leader of the Red Lanterns) do something that makes Dex feel take him on a mission or something. Then, have Dex leave a dead alien bird or something on...well...Atrocicus probably doesn't have a porch...but in front of wherever he lives. Because cats do this sort of thing. It would be like Dex is trying to win back Atrocicus' love and affection.

Anyway...then you have this progress over the course of the first 12 issues or whatever...not EVERY issue, but every 2 or 3 issues have Dex-Starr feel jilted and leave Atrocicus a present of some dead thing, increasing in size.

In FACT: you can go from like...alien bird...something the size of a squirrel or rabbit...a cow...and then Stephanie Whatshername...that Batgirl chick that everyone is pissed about because she's not in the new relaunch. That would be AWESOME. Dex-Starr would get his own great running gag, and people would be happy because Stephanie Notworthmerememberingherlastname gets to be in a DCnU book!

Someone pass this along to Peter Milligan. He can use it, free of charge. :)

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