Friday, July 15, 2011

New Comic Reviews - 7/12/11

Blah...comics came out on Wednesday, but it's taken me until now to finally get a chance to read most of what I would have purchased on Wednesday. While I won't be using this as a chance to get naked like I threatened on Facebook about a month ago, I finally decided to use my blog as a weekly forum to look at the comics that I buy and spout off as to whether or not it was money well spent.

First on the list is FF #6. FF stands for "Future Foundation" not "Fantastic Four" as most people would guess. It's a book I started picking up on a whim with issue #1, not expecting to like it at all. Imagine my surprise when it went from a impulse buy to a certified place on my monthly Buy List. It's a hell of a book, but this issue left me completely unimpressed. The art was overly stylized, and the story itself felt disjointed and only half-told. It doesn't really pick up from last month's cliffhanger (The return of the Inhumans Royal Family and the resurrection of their King Black Bolt), but it doesn't really NOT pick up from it either as it may or may not give us some explanation as to how Black Bolt returned from the dead. I honestly have no fucking idea at all what this story was about because of the whole "felt cut short" part of my earlier statement. Hopefully next issue reclaims the home-run quality of the previous 5 issues, because this one just plain sucked.

Next up is DC's Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #2. A 3 issue mini series from the DC Flashpoint event, Emperor Aquaman should be telling us one half of the story's main background conflict: The war between Aquaman's Atlantis and Wonder Woman's Theymaywearmascera (or whatever her damn island is called)...and it does, but not the side you would expect. In fact, this issue presents a really good ass kicking of the Atlantians by Wonder Woman and her furies (who have a larger presence here than in the first issue of the Wonder Woman and the Furies Flashpoint comic...). It's not a bad book, but Aquaman has always been a hard sell for me, especially when his much cooler and badder-ass wife Mera was killed off-panel in this alternate reality, making her not a part of the story. The art (by a guy named Vicente Cifuentes, who I have never heard of before reading this book) is completely beautiful and reminds me (in certain places) a lot of Phil Jimenez's glorious pencils; the story is entertaining; but between knowing this is an alternate reality and that what comes next is the all-new DC Universe in September, it's hard to feel like this story is anything other than just treading water.

X-Men Schism #1... Yes. VERY Yes. This book features Cyclops and Wolverine, two characters I dispise. But, it's written by Jason Aaron, a man with a remarkable talent. As the regular writer on Wolverine's monthly series, he's able to tell Wolverine stories I actually enjoy. I'm a fan of this story on principle alone, simply because it promises to render the 200+ Member strong (read: Boring) 'team' or X-Men asunder and return them to a more manageable number (albeit in 2 to 4 books...). This book features old-school Sentinels (a threat that honestly any X-Man should be able to easily defeat at this point), and actually manages to make them feel like they actually ARE a threat. It also features the introduction of an all new Hellfire Club. The original Club was one of my fvioewavorite X-Men threats as a kid, but ever since it was destroyed back in Uncanny X-Men #281, every attempt to resurrect them has fallen flat and disappointed me. I'm a little nervous about this story on that alone, but so far this new incarnation is somewhat creepy and I love it. Still, the highlight of this issue is the cameo by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad...yes, that crazy fool is actually in this comic book, facing down the X-Men at an Arms Conference, and acting EXACTLY how he would if this was real life.

New Mutants #27 is...well, if X-Men Schism is a YES, this is a gigantic Meh. It's not as disappointing as FF was this week, but that's because there's really nothing at all to like or dislike about this book. Honestly, if you've read New Mutants 25 and 26, this comic is exactly how you would imagine the story would end. No shocks, surprises, or OMG! moments at all.

There's a certain irony in Alpha Flight #2. Writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente have gone on and on in interviews about how this new series would be the first time that the original team would be all together (since they actually broke up in the original Alpha Flight #1 back in 1983)...still, the first thing that happened between last issue's cliffhanger and this issue is that the team got ripped apart. I'm intrigued by the story (mainly the creepy-weird Stepford Wives vibe that the Unity Party seems to be employing), but am wary as they've so far managed to turn my favorite Alphan into the main villain here. Hopefully though once the book is able to tear itself away from Marvel's mega "Fear Itself" story, everything here will resolve and Heather will go back to her honest and heroic self (and Kyle will still be alive...grrrrrrrrrrrr).

Finally, that brings us to Green Lantern #67, the finale to the "War of the Green Lanterns" story, the last issue of Green Lantern (until September and the DC reboot), and the book that everyone seems to be talking about. People are surprised and aghast about this issues shocker ending, but I'm not sure why. I've only read a handful of Green Lantern comics (Most of them from the last 3 years or so), and I saw this coming from a mile away (ever since the 'shock' ending of Blackest Night #7 to be exact). Still, despite the 'surprise' not being a 'surprise', this issue is A+, out of the park, make my dick move, excellent. Geoff Johns proves that you can tell a story that people see coming and still do it insanely well through the WAY you tell it. Not only is this my comic pick of the week, but it's make me absolutely insanely excited for September to get here.

Finally, I would like to thank my friend Noah O'toole and the kind people at Cup of Kryptonite for making this review possible, and throw out a gigantic "Fuck You!" to my car for making that 'thank you' necessary in the first place...