Monday, September 12, 2011

New 52 Review - Swamp Thing #1

Swamp Thing #1

This is what I knew about Swamp Thing going into this book: 1.) He’s a DC character; 2.) He had his own series (that I never read); 3.) He either has, or had, his own Vertigo series (that I do not read/have not read); 4.) He was brought back to the DC Universe proper in the Brightest Day series (That I did not read); 5.) There was a miniseries about a smoking guy searching for him that just ended (That I didn’t read); 6.) Despite looking a lot like Man-Thing, it’s a lot harder to make inappropriate and juvenile Swamp-Thing jokes.

This is what I know about Swamp Thing after reading Swamp Thing #1: He apparently is NOT the dude named Alec Holland that most of this comic book focuses on.

I picked this up because it was getting good pre-release buzz that I can only assume was from fans of the character or friends and family of the creative team.

The art is barely serviceable. In scenes where you just have characters standing around, it’s just bland. In scenes where there’s action, I couldn’t tell what the hell was happening.

The story itself references things that have happened before (presumably in that minseries I didn’t read), and the overall plot seems like it’s a horror story, but the quick flashes of set-up mixed with confusing art makes that more of a guess than a statement. About the only thing I can really say that I got out of this comic is acknowledgement that the “Death of Superman” story apparently happened in the new DC Universe as Superman makes mention of dying and coming back.

Three months ago, if I had seen the buzz that this book was getting and picked it up, maybe…MAYBE I would have come back for issue #2 just to see if it got better, but with 52 new books vying for my cash this month alone, I have to say that Swamp Thing failed in capturing my interest or my desire to spend another $3 30 days down the road to see where it’s going.

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