Thursday, May 3, 2012

GAP ANALYSIS - Mind The Gap #1: The Ordeal, OR, First World Problems Defined

It feels like it's been forever since Image Comics announced MIND THE GAP from Jim McCann, Rodin Esquejo, and Sonia Oback...It feels like forever since I (Dutifully) pre-ordered my copies of the first issue...I waited, I was excited, I talked the hell out of this book to anyone who would listen, using the cover of the Image book MORNING GLORIES and later the 9 page prologue that was available on ComiXology as my basis for thinking people needed to pay attention to this book.

"It comes out May 2," I told them...and it did.  Or, at least, for some people it did.

It was about a week ago that the announcement came across the Internet:  A fatal car accident near the Diamond Distribution Center in Texas would cause a handful of books expected to be out on May 2 to instead be pushed back a week until May 9.  and yes, MIND THE GAP was one of those...maybe.  Depending out of which distribution center your state was serviced.  It was Sunday, April 29 that I found out that the shop I pick up my comics from on Wednesday morning was one of those serviced out of the Texas center...two days later, I found out that ALL of the stores in my area got their books from that Distribution Center (even the one that swore to me that they were out of a center in New York).

Salvation came in the form of an email from Matt, the owner of Cup of Kryptonite (the store where I go on Wednesday mornings) telling me that he had re-ordered some copies in advance, and would be coming direct-ship from Tennessee, and not Texas.  I wouldn't be getting it on Wednesday morning, but I'd have it by Wednesday afternoon.  Okay, that's cool.  I'm an adult, and can wait a couple of hours.

...then CoK got their afternoon UPS drop off, and the box containing the books from Tennessee wasn't there.

Finally I decided "what the hell," and grabbed my Kindle Fire.  I dislike reading comics digitally, I feel like it's cheating somehow.  Nevertheless, I figured it was going to be my best chance to read the damn book and get it out of my system.  So I fired up the ComiXology app on my Fire, and there it was...listed as "Unavailable".

I waited a few hours, checking back here and there to see if it was up yet...eventually, it disappeared from the listings altogether. I thought I had to be going nuts, so I shut the Kindle off, restarted it, restarted the app...still not there.  In a fit of desperation, I grabbed my phone and downloaded the ComiXology app on to it.  I'm not entirely sure why I thought it might be different...but oddly enough, it was.  MIND THE GAP #1 was listed, and available for download and purchase!

Now, you have to understand...this book is GORGEOUS.  The artwork is breathtaking and intricate.  And when you factor in that I don't even like reading comics digitally in the first place, by me acquiescing to even consider reading it on my tiny little 4 inch screen...well...that's how badly I wanted to read the damn book.

So after countless text messages, Words With Friends requests, a phone call, and me staring at my phone and watching the % Complete bar crawl to the right, it FINALLY told me that the comic was downloaded and the "Read Now!" icon appeared.  FINALLY!!!  Success!  I shut the door to my office and readied myself to strain my eyes by trying to read this book on my phone.

Now...remember that 9 page prologue I mentioned that was available earlier and I used as an example as to why you should buy this book?  Well, turns out, the 9 page prologue was in actuality the first 9 pages of the book... (which is 44, even still, MIND THE GAP #1 is almost twice the size of your standard super-hero comic, I'm not complaining...about that...).  This meant that I needed to start reading on page 10 to begin seeing 'new' material.  Read page page 11...12...13...14...flipped to page 15, and the screen went black, followed by the words "Data File Corrupt.  Cannot Load Data."

...Seriously.  SERIOUSLY.  SERIOUSfuckingLY.

I know, I know, I KNOW, this is the epitome of a 'First World Problem'...but COME ON!  How do you NOT at that moment start to take this personally, and with a huge dash of paranoia thrown in for good measure.'s now Thursday afternoon, and I finally have my copy of MIND THE GAP #1.  It looks beautiful, and I can't wait to actually dive in an read it from cover to cover.

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