Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Sides To Every Story - The Diocese of Davenport's Response to the Mathew Shepherd Scholarship (manufactured) controversy:

Here's the press release from the Diocese of Davenport regarding the Matthew Shepard Scholarship fiasco currently running amok in the media.  I don't see this making headlines, only Scholarship Sponsor Rich Eychaner's chest thumping.  

Yes, this isn't Exactly what Eychaner wants...no one always gets what they want, every single day. Being expected to compromise isn't "Bullying".  It's life.  It's what adults do.  We talk all the time about expecting people to meet "halfway across the aisle", and that's exactly what the Diocese of Davenport, and Bishop Amos are doing here.

The pressure that needs to be exerted here is on Eychaner.  He's a grown ass man, and it's time for him to act like one.  The kid in question is just that: A kid.  Let him be a kid and not a toy soldier.  What Eychaner does to his scholars is  psychologically damaging.  He takes them from High School and thrusts them into the spotlight, expecting them to take on teh weight of the world and media scrutiny to bolster Eychaner's agenda.  

Keaton gets the scholarship.  He gets recognition at graduation.  The Scholarship gets acknowledged and the audience at graduation will know what the Matthew Shepard Scholarship is, what it does, and who it helps.  The only one who doesn't get what he wants is Rich Eychaner...and he's throwing a fit about it.  

Read this press release, please.  If you know Keaton, reach out to him and tell him this is a GOOD thing.  This is compromise, this is acceptance...this is LIFE done right.  

RE:                         Response from the Diocese of Davenport regarding the Matthew Shepard Scholarship

The Diocese of Davenport congratulates Keaton Fuller on receiving the Matthew Shepard Scholarship.  Keaton will be presented the award by a member of the school staff at the awards assembly along with background information concerning the award. 

The Diocese has a long standing policy regarding guest speakers.  This policy was explained to Keaton’s parents at their meeting with Bishop Martin Amos last week.  It states: "We cannot allow any one or any organization which promotes a position that is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church to present at a diocesan institution."  Bishop Amos also expressed his congratulations for Keaton’s reception of the award and recognized his hard work in achieving it.

We are glad that Keaton and his family chose to pursue his education at Prince of Peace Catholic High School in Clinton, IA.  We hope that Keaton will benefit from the generous award and wish him well in his academic pursuits.

The Diocese of Davenport is declining requests for interviews.

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